Scholarship for FUMC Student Members

2019 Graduates of Cameron FUMC


Morgan Shuffield

 Nicholas Keratsopoulos

Stockton Kruse

Emily Graham

  Victoria Williams

Jared Whitmire  


Thank You Notes:

Dear First United Methodist Church,  Thank you for awarding me this scholarship.  This scholarship will help me in achieving my goals of becoming a Bovine Embryologist.  I want to thank the church for always supporting me and loving me unconditionally.  Love, Emily Graham


Dear FUM Church and Scholarship Committee,  Thank you so much for awarding me the scholarship.  Your impact on my past 18 years will last for the rest of my life.  - Nicholas Keratsopoulos


Dear United Methodist Church, Thank you so much for the Bible with my name on it.  Also, the nice breakfast, and thank you for the scholarship.  I really appreciate it. - Jared Whitmire


Dear FUMC, Thank you so much for the bible and monetary gift in form of a scholarship for college.  I appreciate your kindness, love, and support for all these years.  - Stockton Kruse


Dear Church Family, Thank you for the generous scholarship.  It will help as I pursue my education at Texas State in the fall where I plan to major in psychology and minor in economics.  Thank you for the bible as well.  Mostly thank you for the guidance and love you have shown me through the years.  I have so many fond memories of growing up in this church, from VBS, Big House Mission trips, Sunday school, church luncheons, youth group, playing my flute for the cantata.  I will carry these memories with me always and stand on the beliefs and morals that I learned here at FUMC.  Thank you all for everything.  - Love Victoria Williams 


Dear Church Family, Thank you for the $500 scholarship.  I am so excited to be attending TCU and this money will help me so much to continue my education!  Thanks again, -Morgan Shuffield


2018 Graduate of Cameron FUMC

Cameron ISD:   Chandler Barton; Olivia Duffy: Bailly Evan: Houston Harris 

Rogers ISD:  Patrick Cobb; Kallie Hudson; Jenna Lazarow;

Other:  Madison Humble


2018 Thank You Notes from Students:

Dear First United Methodist Church,  Thank you so much for the scholarship and the bible.  I really apreciate the love and your support of my future.  Thank you, Chandler Barton

Dear FUMC,  Than kyou so much for your continuous support through the years.   I really appreciate the special service you held, the ppersonalized bible, and the scholarship.  It will help so much.   Best wishes, Houston Harris

Dear FUMC, Thank you so much for the journal and all the endless support!  I've been with this church my whole life and they always give me the support ans encouragement I need!  Thank you, Jenna Lazarow

Dear FUMC, Thank you so much for my scholarship!  I have really enjoyed being a part of this church and hope my church life extends into my college life as well.  I am majoring in theatre and minoring in music and dance.  The scholarship will really help with my future endeavors!  Thanks, Kallie Hudson


2017 Graduates of FUMC Cameron

Cameron ISD:  Makennah Shuffield, Savannah Kruse, Hannah Hux

No Photo


2016 Graduate of Maysfield FUMC

Sutton Paige Shelton was our receipiant this year of our Annual Scholarship Award.  She was the only graduate from Cameron FUMC and Maysfield UMC.


FUMC 2015 Graduates




  Rockdale ISD:    Madison Baumer-Phillips

  Rogers ISD:  Carson Lanelle Cobb, Collin Spencer Kostroun,

  Cameron ISD:  Taylor Marie Mathis; Bailee Ann Tucker


Dear FUMC and Scholarship Committee,  I am writing to thank you for your generous scholarship.  I was very happy and appreciative to learn that I was selected as a reciepent of your scholarship.  This fall I will be moving to Denton, TX to study Radio, Television & Film at the University of North Texas. I am one step closer to that goal.  By awarding me this scholarship, I can focus more on the most important aspect of my school learning.  I have already started seeking out the most important aspect of my life which is fellowship and will be finding a community church as amazing as the FUMC here in Cameron.  Thanks again!  Carson Cobb


Dear Scholarship Committee, First Methodist Church,  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to so graciously receive your scholarship.  I am so excited to be attending Texas A&M University and working towards my goals.  I will look back in the ten years and see that none of this could have been possible without people like you helping our youth succeed in everything they out their minds to.  It’s a great feeling to know you can choose any school and career path and no matter will dramatically help me financially as I start my life at A&M.  Thank you again for helping not only me but all my peers succeed in the class of 2015.  Sincerely, Collin Kostroun


  2014 Graduates of Cameron YOE High

left to right:  Brian Lazarow, Matt Humble, Colton Shuffield, Elizabeth Williams, Jessica Stillwell, Nicole Keratsopoulos, Kayla Morgan and Michael Evan.
THANK YOU From Graduates
First United Methodist Church, Thank you so much for the bible, devotional & scholarship. I appreciate your generosity at this special time in my life.  Thank you for being such a wonderful church family & thank you for helping me continue my education at Texas A&M University!   Sincerely, Nicole Keratsopoulos
FUMC & Scholarship Committee: I really appreciate the scholarship. I am looking forward to playing football at Houston Baptist. Thank you so much for your support.  Sincerely, Colton Shuffield
Scholarship Committee and Members of FUMC,  Thank you so much for the generous scholarship. I will be attending MCC-Waco in the fall and then Baylor.   It has been a blessing growing up in this church. I appreciate all the love, support and guidance throughout my life.   Love, Elizabeth Williams

Dear First United Methodist Church,  Thank you so much for providing me with a scholarship for college.  I will have many expenses in the fall and I am certain this money will be helpful.    Sincerely, Brian Lazarow


Dear FUMC Congregation,  Although the recognition of my gratitude may be a bite late, I would now like to directly thank the church and its members for its charitable assistance towards my education.  As I’m sure you are all aware, college can be quite expensive nowadays and this scholarship will help to ease the financial burden.  More importantly though, the donation is a reminder to me that there is a tightly-knit community within a community that would like to see me and the other students do well in higher education and in later- life.  I foresee this knowledge as being very helpful to me later on, because knowing you have support makes one so much more willing to work harder and not buckle under adverse pressure.  Anyway, with that being said, I would like to conclude by saying I greatly appreciate the scholarship, support and also the beautiful bible.  Best Regards, Matthew Humble



First United Methodist Church Scholarship Winners for 2013 School Year! 

Left to right: Colton Ryker Shelton; Tyler Reagan Sapp; Katie Brooke Hudson & Madeline Kostron

Senior Scholarship Winner for 2012

Kayla Renee Janicek (granddaughter of Ken & Kathryn Janicek).

Pastor Chuck Bratz presented Kayla with a $500.00 scholarship from Cameron FUMC May 10th during the Academy High School student awards ceremony. Kayla was honored at our annual Graduate Luncheon Sunday, May 20th.