04/05/16 Newsletter

Life in Christ  

First United Methodist Church of Cameron, Texas

2016 Publication - Number #6

Church News – April 5, 2016

Note from the Pastor:                                            The Future is Bright”

                It is certainly an interesting time in my life as I transition from Cameron to Jasper.  However, the good news is that the momentum we’ve attained here will not stop!  You will be receiving a great pastor (can’t share the name at time of writing), but you will be very pleased. This person is the exact pastor I hoped would follow me.  You will be receiving an email later in the week telling you more about this person, their family, life, and ministry experience.

                It should be noted however that whoever comes here –even if it wasn’t someone I recommended –inherits a church that has made leaps and bounds in vitality and vibrancy in the last 4 years. I felt like Darrell Coats, the interim pastor in 2012, got the ball rolling in the right direction. When I arrived, I saw the potential for a church that could make waves in the community and develop a strong youth ministry.  I saw the potential for greater enthusiasm for the Gospel and new people walking through our doors experiencing the love of Christ for the first time. I saw the potential for our church to be the flagship church of Cameron and perhaps the county.  I saw the potential for outreach and a church that tears down its walls to get their hands and feet dirty. I saw the potential for growth in Profession of Faiths, Baptisms, and worship attendance.  I don’t know if we’ve reached our potential in all these areas, but we have sure made some great progress!

                Most of all, however, I saw a group of loving, grace-filled people when I arrived who would take me under their wings and teach me how to be a pastor.  I saw a group of people that are wonderful, talented people who love the Lord and their church. What a pleasure it has been to be your pastor and it will continue to be a pleasure through the month of June as I look forward to help the new pastor make a smooth transition.

                I would like to say, thanks to all. Thank you, Lord, for guiding me and having grace when I made the wrong decision (didn’t happen very often J just kidding).  Thank you, Holy Spirit, for giving me the words to say. Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be the earthly shepherd for a season to these fine folks in Cameron and Maysfield.  Thank you to our staff (past and present): Elaine, BJ, Regina Peevey, Karen Cast, Debbie Gommert, Regina Young, Alan Wood, Jesse Molina, Connie Newton, Diana Parker, Jennifer Layne, Minnie McGoldrick, and Ken Janicek for making the Kingdom a little bit richer. Thank you to all members for all that you have done and continue to do for the Kingdom. Thank you for embracing my visiting friends and my parents whom many of you may rightfully miss more than me. Thank you to CAMA, Lions Club, Neal Bhakta, Judge Youngblood, Judge Barkemeyer, Bill Torrey, Chief Randy Dixon, and Mayor Anderle for your friendship and making Cameron a better place.

                Finally, I want to stress that the future is bright at this church. I think the days of being an “afterthought church” are over. This is much more of a destination church than it used to be and this congregation will flourish in the future. Why?  Because you are great. A church’s success mainly rides on the congregation – not the pastor.  Keep loving God, each other, the new pastor and you will continue to ride the wave of momentum. I think everyone will forget about me by July 4thYou are in good hands with the new pastor, but most of all you are in good hands with a loving God who is moving and working in this fine mission field we call Cameron and Milam County. Be blessed, my friends!  

In His Love, Drew ______________________________________________________________________

F U M C  

Sunday School . . . . . . . .  9:45 am 

Fellowship Coffee . . . . . .10:30 am

Worship . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11:00 am


Mar. 2016






Sunday School













 Apr. 2016






Sunday School














Worship . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00 am


Mar. 2016













Apr. 2016













PRAYER LIST         

Family & Friends of Patsy Perry

Family & Friends of Ben Zajicek

Family & Friends of Luther Flinn

Bobbie Perkins                                                                                 Kevin Duffy

Joyce Terhune                                                                                  Makennah Shuffield

Doris McCullin                                                                                  Joe Lewis

Carol Tucker                                                                                       Mary June Hulse

McCade Patzke                                                                                  June Lester

Janice & Joe Rozner                                                                          Mike Barr

Ricky Sapp                                                                                          Billy Brock

Ranita Adams                                                                                    Jack/Ruby Huff

Andy Andrews                                                                                    Augustus Karl

Kenneth Willy                                                                                    Randell Buck

L. J. Chachere (B. Poorman’s brother)                                                    Teresa Moore

Omer & Betty Poorman                                                                  Henry Havlik

Nicole Pate (B. McDonald’s granddaughter)                                                           Playtatious Gossett 

Amy Anderson (John & Joni Graham’s sister-in-law)                                          Ronald Floyd

Ronald Shelton (Mike’s dad)                                                              Buddy Dulin

John Lilly (friend of Holcombe’s)                                                           Paul Shultz


Cameron Nursing & Rehab Center                     Winnie L. Nursing Center

 2202 N. Travis     -     Ph. 254-697-6564                                                    2104 N. Karnes Ave  -  PH 254-697-4985

Mary Ann Perrin                                                            E. J. Provasek

Leo Ogea                                                                        Dorothy Marek 

Other:       Susan Rosson   (Lake Shore Estates in Waco)

Homebound:         Velma White


Thank You Corner

Dear Church Family: 

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers and concerns for the Jeff Weidner family while they were living in Russia.  They are home now in the USA, arriving this past week.     Lue Wenzel, Lee Riding, and John & Dianne Weidner 


To my Preacher, his mom and dad and all of my church family:   Thank you so much for the prayers, cards and concerns while I have been recovering from my illness.  I am feeling so much better.    Dollie Mancuso


 Leader:   Micah Holcombe  

Follows the Children’s Moment and lasts through the service


                 YOUTH NEWS

Inline image 1

Happy 1 Year Name-iversary,Unashamed Synergy!!!

Est. March 22nd, 2015

- Mobolaji BJ Laja-Akintayo 


Summer Camp 

Date: June 13 - 17, 2016

Location: Lakeview in Palestine, TX

Cost: $275.00 (early bird registration due April 18th)

Grade levels: 4th & 5th, 6th & 7th, 8th & 9th, Senior High 

Counselors  Lakeview Camp requires each church to have a 1:4 ratio of adult to youth (gender specific). If you are interested in being a counselor and/or know someone who might be well suited for the role, please inform them and inform me. We'll be in need of both male and female counselors. Details for counselors will be sent out once I know for sure who will be filling those roles.      


Unashamed Youth Calendar

  • April 3, 10, 17, & 24  -  Youth at 5-7 pm
  • May 1st @ 3pm  -  VBS Planning Meetingwith Church Volunteers  (Adults & Youth)

  • June 13-17  -  Youth Camp at Lakeview

  • July 11-14  -   VBS 2016!

    Unashamed Synergy

    (FUMC Youth Ministries) Fun. Creative. Engaging.

    Every Sunday, 5 – 7 p.m. in Family Life Center

    Come join U.S. and live unashamed!


    Youth Director:




    BJ Laja-Akintayo  mobolaji.la@gmail.com


    Walk-ins:  Wed. & Thur.  2-4 pm


    Appointments upon request


    Social Media     Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unashamedsynergy


    Twitter: follow @unashamedfumc    https://twitter.com/unashamedfumc

    Instagram: follow @unashamedfumc 



    Scholarship Applications

    Deadline date:   Monday, April18th

     All Yoe seniors must contact your school counselor to pick up application.  For all other school seniors, pick up applicationin the back of the our sanctuary.  If you have any questions contact:Monica Barton orKathryn Janicek



    Apr 6             Men’s Meeting 7 am

    Apr 6             Prayer Meet 5:15 pm

    Apr 6             Bible Study 6 pm

    Apr 6             Choir Practice 7 pm

    Apr 7             Lunch Bunch 12 pm

    Apr 7             Senior Games 1:15 pm

    Apr 10           Sunday School 9 am

    Apr 10           Sunday Worship

    Apr 10           Unashamed Youth 5-7 pm

    Apr 13            Men’s Meeting 7 am

    Apr 13           Prayer Meet 5:15 pm

    Apr 13           Bible Study 6 pm

    Apr 13            Choir Practice 7 pm

    Apr 14           Senior Games 12:15 pm

    Apr 17            Church Council 12:05 pm

    Apr 17           Unashamed Youth 5-7 pm

    Apr 18           Scholarship Deadline

    Apr 18           Camp Registration Deadline

    Apr 19            Finance Committee 12 pm

    Apr 24           Church Luncheon and  4th Sunday Food Collection

    Apr 28          Pancake Supper 5:30 – 7 pm

    May 15         Baccalaureate Sunday 6 pm

    May 27         Yoe Graduation 8 pm

    Jun 13-17      Youth Camp at Lakeview

    Jul 11-14        Vacation Bible School


    Find help in your Bible:   

    When you need…“Peace”


    John 16:33    Philippians 4: 6-7     Numbers 6: 24-26



    Contact Information

     208 W. 2nd St.  -  P O. Box 528 Cameron TX  76520
     Ph:    (254) 697-4933
     Fax:  (254) 697-2505

     E-mail addresses

     Pastor:   pastor@cameronfumc.com

     Youth Director: mobolaji.la@gmail.com

     Office: secretary@cameronfumc.com

     Finance: finance@cameronfumc.com
     Library: librarian@cameronfumc.com
     Website: www.cameronfumc.com  


     Church Staff

      Pastor…………………….Rev. Drew Weber

      Secretary……………………… Elaine Kelly

      Finance………………………… Alan Wood
      Membership……………Minnie McGoldrick

      Music Director………........Debbie Gommert

      Youth Director…………....BJ Laja-Akintayo
      Organist / Pianist………………...Karen Cast

      Sunday School Director ………Mike Zajicek

      Sound System ………………….Ken Janicek

      Custodian……………………...Jesse Molina
      Maid……………………......Connie Newton
      Nursery……. . . . . . . . . . . . . Jennifer Horne


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