05/25/2016 Newsletter

Life in Christ

First United Methodist Church of Cameron, Texas

2016 Publication – Number #09

Church News – May 26, 2016

Note from the Pastor:     “Why I Won’t Leave the United Methodist Church

                Many of my peers see me as the negative voice in the room – at least that is

my perception. Perhaps, that is a growth opportunity for me, but we have too many “positive at all costs even when the church is being blown away by the winds of culture” clergy that I think it’s okay to be a bit negative. People outside the denomination say to me all the time: “Are you sure you’re a Methodist?” My response is: “Absolutely.”   Simply because many clergy and members of the UMC have a progressive bent towards Scripture and socio-political matters, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for me.

In fact, I share John Wesley’s theology. I love his theology. And the United Methodist Church continues to provide an amazing platform for me to preach the Good News and to reach people in the surrounding mission-field who don’t know that salvation is available through the blood of Jesus Christ. Interestingly, it’s my opinion that we have fallen in love with Methodism more than Christ - and that is precisely why our denomination in the United States is not growing.

                We try to be so “lovey, dovey, let’s hold hands and holy conference about everyone getting a trophy” and “being soooo Methodist” that we have lost Methodism! How ironic is that!? John Wesley and some other dudes who were on fire for Jesus

Christ started the “Holy Club” at Oxford in the 18th Century. They were nicknamed  Methodists” because they were so methodical on how they did Christian living.

                Christian living is what it’s all about. And Methodism at its core and infancy was a movement of doing life together, praying, holding each other accountable, studying Scripture, singing praises to God, and helping people outside the Methodist community love Jesus too.

                What in the world has happened?! A spirit of religiosity has gripped the United Methodist Church – that’s what happened. We care too much about our buildings, stained-glass windows, looking like we have it all together (when we are all messy sinners), and meetings…oh gosh we Methodists love to meet. We meet about having potential meetings. And we meet about the next meeting. And we meet here, we meet there, and we meet about where our next meeting is going to be located. Methodists can sure meet………and eat #potlucksanyone?

                But in all seriousness, the UMC needs to stand on Scripture. I think sometimes we’re guilty of losing our uniquely Methodist traits and traditions if we get too conservative or too narrow in our theological lens. I think just the opposite will happen if we become the “John:14:6 Church.” The John 14:6 church is a church that proclaims John 14:6: Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

                Once we place our feet squarely in that truth, we are then free to be the UMC. Unfortunately, the seminaries aren’t teaching this because it’s too narrow- minded, exclusive, and doesn’t fit well with the culture of our day. But, if we can stand on John 14:6 we will grow as a denomination beyond any of our wildest dreams. More importantly, thousands and thousands will find Jesus Christ because of the United Methodist Church.   In His Love,  Drew


 You are invited to have “Dinner with Drew”         June 5th, 5:30 pm – 7 pm in Fellowship Hall

 Hamburger and all the trimmings

RSVP by May 26th to office 697-4933


Memorials Given

  For: Mary Ann Perrin            

From: Teri/Dennis Adcox Family,  John/ Lella Henderson, Tom/Elaine Kelly,    Joe Lee/ Jane Heitman,  Diane Parker, Jackie Williams, Alan/Addie Patterson Family,  Edward Ottis,  Maudie/ Hunter Thomas, M/M Dick Ottis, Laura/ Bill Wheless, Joe/Nancy Marek, David/Kenzie Hannah,   Kent Caperton,  M/M Carl Bradley-Bradley Plumbing,  Kasey Johnson, Jane Callaway- Rosalyn Mitchell,  D. Lee/ Carolyn Carroll, Charles/ Karen Matthews,  Synergy Business Solutions, Saint Mary’s Hall, Inc Susan/ James Baker, Gary Pearce (Waukesa-Pearce Indus), Les/Linda & Clay Allison, Gary Pearce (TIW Corp), Wayne Fisher, Ralph Hull, Matthew Rotan, Tiffany Sanders, Dorothy Carroll, Mike Ottis, R/M Perrin Trust, J C Wallace,  Allen/Carson Wallace, Phil Ferguson & Kathy O’Neil, Bruse. Carroll Joyce Strane, Karen/Hobson & Ralph Church, Joe/Tanya Schindler, Richard Dodd, Valerie Green Hill- Lynette Green Sweeney & Pam Green Browder, Frank W. Denius, Gary/Sylvie Crum, Forrest Sapp, Monica/Robert Schiller, Thomas/Carol Harper, Class ’61-Wm Dase Jr, Scott/Katherine Gallaway, Grace Heinrick, Debbie/Frank Jones, Platt Davis, Jane Monroe/DannyMonroe Family/Mark Monroe Family 


Bereavement Given

For: Mary Ann Perrin       From:   Minnie McGoldrick, Franklin Stewart, Melanie Shuffield, Pat/Jim Camp, Jerry/Peggy Bethell, Rod Holcombe, Rhonda/Kyle Kruse Family, John/Lella Henderson, Ken/Kathryn Janicek, Marion/Steele Cooley, Bob/Patti Purser, Larry/Sherry Patterson, Jim/Charm Knight, Ed/Mary Kaye Cauley, Omer/ Betty Poorman, “Class of ’61”- Marilyn Zackary, Betty/ Anton Kopriva, Betty French, Jane Monroe, Ben/Jenny White, Melissa/ Tommy Williams,  Brenda/ Tommy Barton, Pam/Eugene Schattle, Tense Tumlinson, Neal and Yamini Bhakta- Budget Host Hotel, Kitty Kastenbaum, Lue Wenzel, D’Ann/ Rickey Williams



For: Melanie & Steven Romine (Wedding)    From: Della Grafton

For: Dollie & Cesare Mancuso      From: Betty/Omer Poorman (Anniversary)

For: Cesare Mancuso      From: John and Lella Henderson

For:  Lella Henderson (Birthday 5/9)     From: Elizabeth/ Kenneth Leeper


Unashamed Youth Calendar    

  • June 2nd - NEW fundraiser DEADLINE
  • June 4th - Youth Service Project - Cameron Thrift Store Clean Up @ 8:30AM
  • June 5th - "Dinner with Drew" during Unashamed Night -All youth & parents invited!
  • June 13th - 17th - Lakeview Summer Camp
  • May 24th - fundraiser ends
  • July 11-14

    God's Not Dead Concert Re-Cap

            At the beginning of the month, May 1st to be exact, the youth set out on a road trip to Austin, TX for the Newsboys: We Believe God's Not Dead Tour.  It was a night of incredible fun as we danced in the Presence of our Awesome  God and joined 4,000 other people in lifting up the Name of Jesus in worship!  How I wish you all could have been there with us...

         Jesus did something in the lives of everyone that went to the concert, especially for Unashamed Synergy. Along with worshiping God, we were informed about God's heart towards the poor and needy in our world. I was left speechless when the youth all leaned over to me from their seats and PLEADED we sponsor a child in a third-world country in Africa. It was evident that Jesus had wrecked us, and we couldn't leave Austin the same way we came. We were moved to speak to one of the representatives from Feed The Children non-profit organization and ask about how our youth group can assist in raising funds for the helpless in Africa. I told the youth, "It's one thing for me to write a check from the church on behalf of the youth and send it to Africa in order to sponsor a child. But it's an entirely different thing when you all raise money, and then give it all away for a cause you believe in. So, which one will it be?"
        I'm excited to announce to you all that they chose to do a fundraiser and give that money away!!! We'll be looking for ways to fund raise in the summer period in order to give to Feed The Children. The youth have also asked to give a portion of our earnings from the T-Shirt fundraiser. I think 10% of our earnings from the t-shirts sales sound like a great idea, don't you? ;)  #NeverTooYoungToBeginTithing
         So thankful to Jesus for opportunities such as these where our students get to travel, see more of the world, and come back ready and zealous to bring about positive change, all for the glory of God! Wow...let's do more of this!     

       You can assist by buying a t-shirt from our Unashamed Synergy fundraiser catalog. Look for a youth or a parent of a youth to order yours today.  Thank you for promoting and supporting FUMC Youth Ministries!

    Mobolaji (BJ) Laja-Akintayo
    Youth Director | Cameron First United Methodist Church


    Vacation Bible School 2016!  Need many workers


Vacation Bible School News


VBS 2016 is “farm-tastic!” In Barnyard Roundup VBS, your children learn that Jesus gathers us together! Registration is open for all Pre-K-5th grade (grade completed) who want to attend VBS from July 11 to July 14, 2016, 8am-12pm at the Cameron First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. Come along with us as we sing fun songs, do crazy crafts, eat yummy snacks, play awesome games, and more. Can’t wait to see you there! To register, register online at or call 254-697-4933. Deadline to register is July 1st! Like our Facebook page for updates: Barnyard Roundup VBS 2016 Cameron TX. 


Be part of Barnyard Roundup VBS! God’s children of all ages will learn that Jesus gathers us together at Barnyard Roundup VBS. AND, every child will hear the Good News that Jesus, their Savior, is with us and abundantly provides for all our needs. He also protects and saves us—now in this world and forever too! At Barnyard Roundup VBS, as VBS staff you can live out the theme “Jesus Gathers Us Together” as you share the message and the fun with kids! If you can help full or part time or beforehand if you will be out of town, we have many ways to be involved to suit your schedule and interests. Call or text Micah Holcombe at 254-721-8741 or e-mail,for more information. Like our Facebook page for updates: Barnyard Roundup VBS 2016 Cameron TX. Join us to see how Jesus gathers us together!


We appreciate your prayers for Barnyard Roundup, our Vacation Bible School being held on July 11-14, 2016. Ask God to bring children to our program so they can know and grow in Jesus, our Savior! Ask God to provide leaders and helpers for this important mission.


Worship Support

June and July

Lay Readers:   May 29 – Melissa Williams

May 29 – Chandler Barton & Nikolas Keratsopoulos

June 5 – Morgan Shuffield & Hannah Hux

June 12 – Emily Graham & Victoria Williams

June 19 – Nikolas Keratsopoulos & Stockton Kruse

June 26 – Conner Barton & Myles Miller

July  3 – Stockton Kruse & Nikolas Keratsopoulos

July 10 – Emily Graham & Victoria Williams

July 17 – Chandler Barton & Ian Duffy

July 24 – Colby Barton & Hunter Hux

July 31 – Myles Miller & Patrick Cobb

GREETERS              Leader: Rhonda Kruse
May 29 –Cesare & Dollie Mancuso

June 5 – Bobbie Perkins, Nancy, Ali & Bailee Tucker

June 12 – Tommy and Melissa Williams

June 19 – Opie and Leslie Watkins

June 26 – Veronica & Donnie Tucker

July  3 – Lue Wenzel and Brenda Haley

July 10 – Davis & Nancy Simmons

July 17 – Melanie Shuffield Family

July 24 – Cathy/ Randy Sapp and Forrest Sapp

July 31 – Bob & Patti Purser 

USHERS:                      Leader: Kyle Kruse
May – Robert Hudson, David Kostroun, Rod Holcombe & Andy Holcombe

June – Harvey Gommert, Randy Sapp, Kevin Duffy & Ian Duffy

July – Alan Patterson, Eric Cobb, Patrick Cobb & Bailey Evan

May – Wende White & Pat Hale

June – Pat Hale & Rod Holcombe

July – Ed Cauley & Bob Purser 

4th SUNDAY LUNCHEON - HOSTESS & HOST                  Leader: Brenda Barton
May – D’Ann Williams, Phyllis Fisk, Mallory Patzke & Jennifer Kostroun

June – No Luncheon

July –   No Luncheon

Home Bound Communion:    Minnie McGoldrick, Joyce Terhune, Betty Kopriva & Rev. Drew Weber

Communion Team: Brenda Barton



Thank You Corner 

Jack and I would like to thank the church in general for all the kindness and prayers shown to us during our illnesses.       Sincerely,  Joyce and Jack Terhune



On the Marriage of:  Steve & Melanie  Romine



May 25         Men’s Meeting 7 am

May 25         Prayer Meet 5:15 pm

May 25         Choir Practice 7 pm

May 26         Senior Games 1:15 pm

May 26         Deadline to RSVP for   “Dinner with Drew”

May 26         Pancake Supper 5:30 – 7 pm

May 27         Yoe Graduation 8 pm

May 29         Church Council 12:05 pm

May 29         Unashamed Youth 5-7 pm

May 30         Memorial Day – office closed

June  1           Men’s Meeting 7 am

June  1           Prayer Meet 5:15 pm

June  1           Choir Practice 7 pm

June  2           Lunch Bunch 12pm

June  2           Senior Games 1:15 pm

June  2           Deadline – Youth Fundraiser

June  4           Thrift Store Clean Up

June  5           Sunday School 9 am

June  5           Communion Sunday

June  5           “Dinner with Drew” 5:30-7pm

June  5              Unashamed Youth 5-7 pm

Jun 10-11       Colten Gommert & Holly Sulac Rehersal/Wedding

June 12           Pastor Weber’s Last Sunday

Jun 13-17      Youth Camp at Lakeview

Jul 11-14        Vacation Bible School



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