06/15/16 Newsletter

Life in Christ First United Methodist Church of Cameron, Texas 2016 Publication – Number #09 Church News – June 15, 2016 Note from the Pastor: “A Big Thank You to Our Staff” I want to spend my last article (typing this on my iPhone at Love Field) saying thank you to my wonderful staff. The humble and always smiling, Connie Newton, is an underrated star as she's cleaned up my messy desk and garbage area for 3 plus years - a true job when dealing with the crumbs I leave behind after my afternoon snack. Thank you! Jesse Molina, a member of our staff since I was a toddler, works hard to make sure the best grass in town resides on 2nd and Travis! Thank you! Debbie Gommert's enthusiasm has led to a growth in our choir. Her smile permeates the Sunday morning experience and I've enjoyed working with her and seeing her laugh when I mess up! Fun times! Thank You! Then there's the unassuming yet talented Karen Cast who God dropped in our lap. Karen has worked so well with the choir and made us all look better on Sundays. Thank You! How about another unsung hero in Ken Janicek. What an amazing example of a selfless servant who knows to turn my mic down when we're singing. Ken also does a lot of "fall through the cracks" ministry like locking and unlocking the doors, helping the choir, assisting during funerals and weddings, and making sure we are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Thank You! If we are talking about unsung heroes we need to look no further than the incomparable Minnie McGoldrick. Minnie is as good as gold...if we were all as faithful and dedicated as her...well, we pastors would be out of business. She's a star of stars whether we are talking about filling out forms for Charge conference, keeping tabs on attendance, or organizing homebound communion. Minnie sits in a category by herself. Thank You! Jennifer Horne and Micha Holcombe are stars with the young ones, and Lee Riding takes care of all things Library! Thank You to you three ladies! Alan Wood, our financial secretary, is simply put one of the great Christian men of this town. He's a hard worker, diligent, faithful, trustworthy and a voice of wisdom in my ear. Alan does a great job and this church is lucky to have him! He also cuts the checks so I must say nice things about him. Thank you! Mobolaji Bj Laja Akintayo came to us in March of 2015 and has continued to push our youth group forward. What a blessing to have this guy give us another dose of youth, vitality, and wisdom. We need to be careful or another church will throw a big salary his way. Thank you! Last but not least, my partner in crime and good friend, Elaine Kelly, has been secretary, power point coordinator, and office supply supervisor. I've never been around an assistant with such great organizational and pastoral skills as this woman. She also keeps BJ and myself in line when we misbehave (mainly BJ). Elaine, you are the backbone of this staff and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making us all more successful. In His Love, Drew Page 1 of 5 F U M C Sunday School . . . . . . . . 9:45 am Fellowship Coffee . . . . . .10:30 am Worship . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11:00 am Attendance May. 2016 01 08 15 22 29 Sunday School 26 9 - 19 23 Worship 83 93 96 104 93 June 2016 05 12 19 26 Sunday School 9 - Worship 96 110 Contributions: Minimum Needed Weekly...$ 4,289.00 May 2016________ Received 01 $ 4,060.00 “ “ 10 $ 2,958.00 “ “ 17 $ 2,373.00 “ “ 24 $ 2,131.00 “ “ 29 $ 2,738.00 Total Received. …. $14,257.00 __ June 2016_________ Received 05 $ 5,961.00 “ “ 12 $ 1,857.00 “ “ 19 $ “ “ 26 $ Total Received $ 7,818.00 ____________________________ MAYSFIELD CHURCH Worship . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00 am ____________________________________ Attendance May 2016 01 08 15 22 29 Worship 19 18 28 22 9 June 2016 05 12 19 26 Worship 14 27 PRAYER LIST Family & Friends of June Lester Makennah Shuffield Diane Parker Joyce Terhune Mary June Hulse Doris McCullin Carol Tucker Janice & Joe Rozner Mike Barr Ricky Sapp Billy Brock Ranita Adams Joe Lewis Kenneth Willy Augustus Karl Randell Buck Teresa Moore L. J. Chachere (Betty Poorman’s brother) Jenna Lazarow Amy Anderson (John & Joni Graham’s sister-in-law) Jackie Ward John Lilly (friend of Holcombe’s) Santos Lara (mother of Ameila Lara) Mildred Cast (mother of Karen Cast) Pam Crowe (friend of Pat Camp) Gary Pate (Betty McDonald son-in-law) Alice Evans(Eric Cobb’s grandmother) Cameron Nursing & Rehab Center Winnie L. Nursing Center 2202 N. Travis - Ph. 254-697-6564 2104 N. Karnes Ave - PH 254-697-4985 Leo Ogea E. J. & Joyce Provasek Dorothy Marek Other: Susan Rosson (Lake Shore Estates in Waco) ____________________________________________________________________ Homebound: Velma White MILITARY PERSONNEL PRAYERS All of our Military Men and Women Cody Tindall Grandson of Minnie/ Prentis McGoldrick U.S. Air Force Bruce Gootee Son of Martha & Glenn Gootee U.S. Air Force Lance Burnett Son of Billie/Newton Burnett U.S. Air Force Lynn Lightfoot John Graham’s sister U.S. Air Force John Hawkins Son of Ann/ Jack Hawkins U.S. Army Micah Shaw Grandson of Martha Lee U.S. Army Richard Roberts Son-in-law of Diane Parker U.S. Army Bruce Leuthold Grandson-in-law of Tense Tumlinson U.S. Army Josh Wood Son of Alan/ Xochitl Wood U.S. Army Benjamin Goodheart Grandson of Cesare/Dollie Mancuso U.S. Navy Mary Grace Johnson Niece of Betty Kopriva U.S. Navy Page 2 of 5 Memorials Given For: Mary Ann Perrin From: Teri/Dennis Adcox Family, John/ Lella Henderson, Tom/Elaine Kelly, Joe Lee/ Jane Heitman, Diane Parker, Jackie Williams, Alan/Addie Patterson Family, Edward Ottis Maudie/ Hunter Thomas, M/M Dick Ottis, Laura/ Bill Wheless, Joe/Nancy Marek, David/Kenzie Hannah, Kent Caperton, M/M Carl Bradley-Bradley Plumbing, Kasey Johnson Jane Callaway- Rosalyn Mitchell, D. Lee/ Carolyn Carroll, Charles/ Karen Matthews, Synergy Business Solutions, Saint Mary’s Hall, Inc., Susan/ James Baker, Gary Pearce (Waukesa-Pearce Indus), Les/Linda & Clay Allison, Gary Pearce (TIW Corp), Wayne Fisher, Ralph Hull, Matthew Rotan, Tiffany Sanders, Dorothy Carroll, Mike Ottis, R/M Perrin Trust, J C Wallace, Helen/Carson Wallace, Phil Ferguson & Kathy O’Neil, Bruse. Carroll Joyce Strane, Karen/Hobson & Ralph Church, Joe/Tanya Schindler, Richard Dodd, Valerie Green Hill- Lynette Green Sweeney & Pam Green Browder, Frank W. Denius, Gary/Sylvie Crum, Forrest Sapp, Monica/Robert Schiller, Thomas/Carol Harper, Class ’61-Wm Dase Jr, Scott/Katherine Gallaway, Grace Heinrick, Debbie/Frank Jones, Platt Davis, Jane Monroe/DannyMonroe Family/Mark Monroe Family, AG/ Barbara Hajovsky, Martin D Beirne, Mary Kestenbaum, JH/KG Lollar, Helen/Loy Sneary, Vivien/Scott Caven, Stephen Smith, Lanelle Fikes and Sharen Richter , Ray Rylander ____________________________________ For: June Lester Betty/Omer Poorman, Loretta Roberts, Adult Bible Class, Mary Kaye/Ed Cauley, Friends in the Texas Chapter of Singles in Agruculture --------------------------------------------------------------------- Bereavement Given For: Mary Ann Perrin From: Minnie McGoldrick, Franklin Stewart, Melanie Shuffield, Pat/Jim Camp, Jerry/Peggy Bethell, Rod Holcombe, Rhonda/Kyle Kruse Family, John/Lella Henderson, Ken/Kathryn Janicek, Marion/Steele Cooley, Bob/Patti Purser, Larry/Sherry Patterson, Jim/Charm Knight, Ed/Mary Kaye Cauley, Omer/ Betty Poorman, “Class of ’61”- Marilyn Zackary, Betty/ Anton Kopriva, Betty French, Jane Monroe, Ben/Jenny White, Melissa/ Tommy Williams, Brenda/ Tommy Barton, Pam/Eugene Schattle, Tense Tumlinson, Neal and Yamini Bhakta- Budget Host Hotel, Kitty Kastenbaum, Lue Wenzel, D’Ann/ Rickey Williams For: June Lester Mary Kaye/Ed Cauley, Pam/Gene Shattle, John/Lella Henderson, Brenda/Tommy Barton, Lee Riding, Forrest Sapp, Susan Humble, Minnie/Prentis McGoldrick YOUTH NEWS Lakeview Summer Camp (June 13th - 17th) Theme: 2 Cor. 5:7 "Walk by faith, not by sight." I cannot believe how fast this year is moving. We're officially in the summer period and that can only mean on thing: CAMP! I cannot wait to see our youth not only have a blast at camp, but to also witness their faith blossom and deepen into fuller maturity. Below are the names of the campers going to Lakeview Camp this week. Girls: Courtney Muniz Emily Graham Houston Harris Morgan Shuffield Victoria Williams Boys: Carlos Salomon Fabian Salomon Heath Hollas Hunter Hux Ian Duffy Joseph William (JW) Hollas Landen Greene Counselors: Olivia Duffy - 4th & 5th grade camp BJ Laja-Akintayo - 8th & 9th grade camp Please be in prayer for all the students and counselors going to camp this year, both those from our church and others from surrounding churches. Prayer Points:  that God will meet with each individual in a unique and specific way, one that is tailor-made for that particular individual in order to see God clearer and hear Him better,  that God will ignite the hearts of His children to be willing vessels so that they may return from camp completely changed and ready to be used by Him in unimaginable ways,  and that God will make His people holy and pure and full of faith. For His glory, BJ Mobolaji (BJ) Laja-Akintayo Youth Director | Cameron First United Methodist Church Page 3 of 5 Honors For: Melanie & Steven Romine (Marriage) From: Della Grafton For: Dollie & Cesare Mancuso From: Betty/Omer Poorman (Anniversary) For: Cesare Mancuso From: John and Lella Henderson For: Lella Henderson (Birthday) From: Elizabeth/ Kenneth Leeper THANK YOU NOTE FUMC Cameron, I wanted to kindly thank you for your support and generous scholarship which will greatly help me while I further my education. Yours Truly, Sutton Shelton “Ladies Salad Supper” Monday, July 11th 5:30-7:30 pm Family Life Center. Hope to see you there. Choir Practices Summer Schedule are as follows: June 1 - 7:00 p.m. August 3 - 7:00 p.m. August 24th - resume regular weekly practices. Page 4 of 5 Worship Support June – July Lay Readers: June 19 – Ed Cauley June 26 – Youth July 3 – Murdock Dorner ACOLYTES: June 19 – Nikolas Keratsopoulos & Stockton Kruse June 26 – Conner Barton & Myles Miller July 3 – Stockton Kruse & Nikolas Keratsopoulos July 10 – Emily Graham & Victoria Williams July 17 – Chandler Barton & Ian Duffy July 24 – Colby Barton & Hunter Hux July 31 – Myles Miller & Patrick Cobb GREETERS Leader: Rhonda Kruse June 19 – Opie and Leslie Watkins June 26 – Veronica & Donnie Tucker July 3 – Lue Wenzel and Brenda Haley July 10 – Davis & Nancy Simmons July 17 – Melanie Shuffield Family July 24 – Cathy/ Randy Sapp and Forrest Sapp July 31 – Bob & Patti Purser USHERS: Leader: Kyle Kruse June – Harvey Gommert, Randy Sapp, Kevin & Ian Duffy July – Alan Patterson, Eric Cobb, Patrick Cobb & Bailey Evan SUNDAY COUNTERS: June – Pat Hale & Rod Holcombe July – Ed Cauley & Bob Purser 4th SUNDAY LUNCHEON - HOSTESS & HOST Leader: Brenda Barton June – No Luncheon July – No Luncheon Home Bound Communion: Minnie McGoldrick, Joyce Terhune, Betty Kopriva & Rev. Drew Weber Communion Team: Brenda Barton Thank you Corner To Our Cameron Friends: It is hard to believe 3 ½ years have passed since you first welcomed Drew (and us) to Cameron. We still remember the delicious food, welcome smiles and kind words as Drew was moving into the parsonage. We remember his first Sunday with you and a beautiful and delicious meal provided for us and some Galveston folks who had come to support Drew on his first Sunday as your pastor. We are so blessed by all of you and the opportunity you have given Drew to Minister to you as you have mentored him in so many ways. It has been a privilege for our family to pray for the Cameron Church and for many of you as you experienced individual life challenges over these past years. When arriving in Texas we are always looking forward to spending time with Drew, and we always looked forward to greeting you again. Now as Drew moves over to Jasper, we will appreciate your prayers. We will continue to pray for you and Pastor Geoff and his family. This little gift for Cameron United Methodist Church represents the love of Jesus which you have and will continue to model in the years ahead. Thank you, friends! Love and blessings, Debbie and Bill Weber Vacation Bible School News REGISTER CHILDREN: VBS 2016 is “farm-tastic!” In Barnyard Roundup VBS, your children learn that Jesus gathers us together! Registration is open for all Pre-K-5th grade (grade completed) who want to attend VBS from July 11 to July 14, 2016, 8am-12pm at the Cameron First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. Come along with us as we sing fun songs, do crazy crafts, eat yummy snacks, play awesome games, and more. Can’t wait to see you there! To register, register online at http://vbsmate.com/CameronFUMC or call 254-697-4933. Deadline to register is July 1st! Like our Facebook page for updates: Barnyard Roundup VBS 2016 Cameron TX. RECRUIT VOLUNTEERS: Be part of Barnyard Roundup VBS! God’s children of all ages will learn that Jesus gathers us together at Barnyard Roundup VBS. AND, every child will hear the Good News that Jesus, their Savior, is with us and abundantly provides for all our needs. He also protects and saves us—now in this world and forever too! At Barnyard Roundup VBS, as VBS staff you can live out the theme “Jesus Gathers Us Together” as you share the message and the fun with kids! If you can help full or part time or beforehand if you will be out of town, we have many ways to be involved to suit your schedule and interests. Call or text Micah Holcombe at 254- 721-8741 or e-mail micahholcombe6@gmail.com,for more information. Like our Facebook page for updates: Barnyard Roundup VBS 2016 Cameron TX. Join us to see how Jesus gathers us together! CONGREGATION SUPPORT: We appreciate your prayers for Barnyard Roundup, our Vacation Bible School being held on July 11-14, 2016. Ask God to bring children to our program so they can know and grow in Jesus, our Savior! Ask God to provide leaders and helpers for this important mission. VBS WORKERS NEEDED Prayer and Meditation O Lord, I rejoice in my freedom of choice and in the knowledge that my life is shaped by my choices; by my thoughts, feelings, and expectations – and by my receptivity to Your will. Amen ******* Everything comes to those who wait – only if they work while they wait. Page 5 of 5 Non-Profit Organization US Postage Paid Cameron, Texas Permit No. #76 Contact Information 208 W. 2nd St. - P O. Box 528 Cameron TX 76520 Ph: (254) 697-4933 Fax: (254) 697-2505 E-mail addresses: Pastor: pastor@cameronfumc.com Youth Director: mobolaji.la@gmail.com Office: secretary@cameronfumc.com Finance: finance@cameronfumc.com Library: librarian@cameronfumc.com Website: www.cameronfumc.com Church Staff Pastor…………………….Rev. Drew Weber Secretary……………………… Elaine Kelly Finance………………………… Alan Wood Membership……………Minnie McGoldrick Music Director………........Debbie Gommert Youth Director…………....BJ Laja-Akintayo Organist / Pianist………………...Karen Cast Sunday School Director ………Mike Zajicek Sound System ………………….Ken Janicek Custodian……………………...Jesse Molina Maid……………………......Connie Newton Nursery……………………...Jennifer Horne Thank you Drew Weber for serving with us at Cameron FUMC and Mayfield UMC for the past 3 ½ years. We ask that God guide and protect you with grace and courage to your new appointment in Jasper, TX. You are loved! SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES Senior Adult Bible Class: Teachers - John Henderson and Lue Wenzel - meet downstairs Friendship Adults Class: Teacher - Rickey Williams meet downstairs Young Adults Class: Teacher – Ed Cauley - meet downstairs Nursery - Jennifer Horne - meet downstairs _________________________________________ Children’s Church Leader: Micah Holcombe – meet in Sanctuary and dismiss to downstairs after Children’s Moment Unashamed Synergy

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